Our Lessons

Aquatic Survival Lessons

Lessons are one on one, 10 minutes
per day and students attend 4 days per week, Monday through Thursday. 

The basic program is 4 to 6 weeks.

Children 6 Months and Up

Students can begin lessons as young as 6 months of age if they are able to sit
unassisted and are mobile.

We also teach older children and adults.

Adaptive Aquatics*

Miss Becky has an experienced background
and certifications in teaching students
with special needs. Ranging from ASD,
Down Syndrome, genetic disorders,
low muscle tone and more.

*Physician approval may be required for participation

Lesson Rates

Registration Fee:

Lesson Fees: 
$90/week for the first child
$70/week for the second child*
$50/week for the third child*

*Applicable if all students are enrolled at same time.
More than three children? Contact us for pricing.

First Responder / Military rate offered with proof of employment or DD214.
Contact us for more details.

Basic Survival Program

Our Basic Survival Program: Teaches students what to do if they make it to the water unsupervised; hold their breath, roll over to their back from a face down position and float. They can continue to float or rotate back over to swim even when fully clothed. All Basic Survival, Refresher and Maintenance Lessons are one on one. 

Beyond Basic Survival

It is very important for little ones to attend refresher lessons if they have been out of the water for a few months. This allows them to acclimate to their new body size and continued development of  motor skills. 

  • We offer maintenance lessons so that students can maintain their skills. 

  • We offer the fundamentals of stroke work. 

  • We teach older students how to tread water and recognize what to do should they no longer be able to stand in the water. 

  • We offer group lessons

* Students must have participated in a survival swim course or be evaluated prior to scheduling any of the beyond basic survival classes. 

Our Students

  • Infants through preschoolers: Infants can begin as young as six months and must have the ability to sit unassisted and be mobile. Our students learn how to propel in the water, rotate to their back to float to rest and breathe. Toddler age and older the little ones are taught to then rotate back over and continue a swim, float sequence. Our lesson pace is based upon individual skill acquisition. Once these skills are mastered, students will swim fully clothed, including a diaper if not toilet trained.​

  • Older children through adults: Our older students are also taught to swim, face in, and rotate to a float. As these skills are acquired, we transition to teaching rotary breathing and the ability to tread water and go into a float. We require these students to also swim fully clothed once skills are mastered.

  • Adaptive Aquatics and Special Needs Students: Our lessons are often very therapeutic for those with a diagnosis ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorders to muscle tone issues and more. Students with special needs usually complete our lessons in the same time frame as typical students. Depending on the diagnosis, we may require physician clearance for participation.