Aquatic Survival Lessons

Swim Lessons in West Volusia since 1998

Lessons are open to typical children beginning as early as 6 months and up. Serving DeBary, Deltona, DeLand, Orange City and Osteen.

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We understand our swim lessons are only as good as our instructors. Which is why we take special care to ensure that all of our staff is enthusiastic, energetic, and experienced working with children. We place a lot of emphasis on training and developing our staff into highly qualified swim instruction professionals.

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I am glad that my children can float or “starfish” to enable them to survive a fall into water of any nature and buy precious time for help to get to them. We plan to continue utilizing Becky in the future to expand their swimming and survival abilities in the water. She has a gentle yet effective way with even the youngest of babies including those with any medical or behavioral limitations. They quickly learn and respond to her techniques; 5 star rating and worth every penny!

Rachel Furrow


Why Miss Becky & Friends?

The first objective for any infant or child must be the ability to look after themselves in the water should they find themselves there alone. 


And since 1998 Miss Becky has worked with hundreds of students.


Alarms + Barriers + Education + Supervision + Swim Lessons = Safer Children

Swim with Becky and Friends, LLC


Volusia County, Florida

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(Our hours do change as the weather warms and daylight hours extend.)