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Rachel Furrow
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My husband and I enrolled our twins with Miss Becky for early survival swimming skills. They were 10 months old when we started with her. They had always enjoyed the water and have continued to enjoy it since their lessons. The biggest impact has been giving my husband and I a little peace of mind. We have a pool, most of our neighbors have pools, there is a retention pond in the woods near our home and we live within a short walk to the St. Johns River. With so much water around us it made us nervous having babies around it. Working as a registered nurse, I’m well aware that drownings are silent and as we all know children are quick and into everything! I am glad that my children can float or “starfish” to enable them to survive a fall into water of any nature and buy precious time for help to get to them. We plan to continue utilizing Becky in the future to expand their swimming and survival abilities in the water. She has a gentle yet effective way with even the youngest of babies including those with any medical or behavioral limitations. They quickly learn and respond to her techniques; 5 star rating and worth every penny!
Taylor Jones
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Swim with Becky and Friends has allowed my family the peace of mind knowing my son has learned the basic survival skills of being in the water. Not only has he received survival skills, the lessons he’s received from Becky have provided extreme therapeutic benefits as well. My son was born at 25 weeks and has been receiving PT and OT for over 2 years. The results we’ve seen in him from his lessons with Becky have just been overwhelming. As a mother of a child that needs therapy who also lives in a state where water is a major part of our daily life, I strongly encourage any family to protect your child by providing the tools and techniques they need to survive in and out of the water. Lessons with Becky have not only provided my son awareness while in the water, but it has helped him physically and to build his confidence as well. Thank you Becky for opening my son to new heights in his little world!
April Goodwin
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“We won lessons with Ms. Becky at a silent auction and were apprehensive since we didn’t have luck with my daughter in lessons with others around town. The very first lesson, I knew Becky was different! My son immediately responded to her and we were truly amazed at what he could do in a short period of time. Becky even helped me work with my child and now has given us a great gift. My son and family are forever grateful for Becky! She is a true gift to our community and families. I have been telling anyone and everyone about our wonderful experience.”
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You taught our son with ASD last May. This past Sunday he was at Grandmas when he slipped and fell in the deep end. Before we got to him he found the wall and pulled himself out. He was scared but later he was able to go back in the pool and enjoy it. That is all thanks to your lessons. Thank you!!!
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Choosing swim with Becky was the best thing I ever did! My son had no fear of water! Katie was his his teacher and I couldn’t say enough good things! She was so patient and good to my boy from the beginning 6 weeks to refreshers! We will definitely use them again for our daughter for swim safety!