Instructor Training

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death worldwide for children ages 1 to 4. Drowning can occur in less than 2 inches of water and under 30 seconds! It can happen to even the best of swimmers.

Our programs offer an additional layer of protection should children make it to the water alone. Our one on one lessons teach children the essential aquatic skills: hold their breath, roll to their back to float from a face down position, swim roll to their float, rotate back over to swim,  swim to an edge if strong enough, or maintain a float for no less than 5 minutes duration.  All students are required to complete their skill progression fully clothed including diaper/nappy if not fully toilet trained. Arm bands and other “swim devices” create a false sense of security to children and parents. While the child may enjoy use of those devices, it makes them feel “proficient” when in reality, it puts them in a drowning posture. We also educate the parents about drowning prevention and water safety.

Our instructor training program consists of academics as well as in-water training. The academic portion covers anatomy, physiology, childhood development as well as student video reviews. This portion can begin prior to the in-water training. The in-water training requires each instructor to be in the water learning hands on how to apply the theories and principles that are taught in the academics sessions.

The Academy Of Aquatic Survival Training offers international instructor training in Deltona/Orange City, Florida and Wigan, United Kingdom a Swim With Becky instructor Becky Puhl is the Executive Instructor. Becky provides the opportunity to travel to her or will travel to train those interested. Infant Swim Survival instructor Emma Aspinall is certified to teach and train instructors in Wigan and the surrounding area. Emma requires instructors to travel to her for training.