Our Team

Becky Puhl

Miss Becky’s mother had her in the water before she was one year old. Having learned to swim at an early age, Becky competed in my first exhibition race at age 6, and swam competitively through high school, even working as a lifeguard.

Becky Puhl understood the importance of water safety at an early age. She taught swimming as a hobby to those she babysat and to her infant daughter. By the time her son was born, Becky’s family had just moved into a house on a lake, which moved her to seek lessons for her infant to alleviate the constant worry associated with the large body of water behind her house.

After enrolling her son in lessons, Miss Becky realized that teaching children to be comfortable and secure in the water is a life’s passion.

She trained with ISR and began teaching in West Volusia County in 1998 and has taught survival skills and stroke techniques to more than 3,000 children — several of them have joined local swim teams. Miss Becky was instrumental in training more than a dozen instructors in Central Florida and Texas. Miss Becky also teaches adults to swim, whether for survival or fitness.

In 2009, Miss Becky joined Infant Aquatics. She is active within the community and is a member of the Drowning Prevention Task Force, the NDPA, and is the chapter holder of the Volusia County NDPA. She also provides water safety presentations to organizations such as Mother’s Groups, pediatricians, and schools.

Miss Becky earned a BS in Psychology in 2005 and has participated in two internships at Easter Seals in DeLand. Having worked with children and families with Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD, low muscle tone, speech delays and various other disabilities, she understands the importance of connecting with these families for support and advice.

Miss Becky’s goal is to build an indoor aquatics facility so that she can teach lessons year round and provide instruction to underprivileged children within West Volusia County.

Chrissy Schubert

Manistee, Michigan

I knew before I had kids that they would learn how to swim from Mrs. Becky. Mrs. Becky started swimming with my daughter at 13 months old. I was impressed and so intrigued by the aquatic survival process. Recently, we decided to relocate our family back to our home town in Michigan. This move brought up conversations between us about teaching and extending the program to a Michigan location. Selfishly, learning how to instruct aquatic survival was a means to maintaining my children’s progress. However, it was also a way to give back to my community and a way to ensure other children are safe while enjoying all of Michigan’s beautiful water sources. 

I hold an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from West Shore Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration with a minor in Community Development from Central Michigan University, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix. I look forward to serving my community one starfish at a time.