Serving  West Volusia County Since 1998

My mother had me in the water before I was one year old. Having learned to swim at an early age, I competed in my first exhibition race at age 6, swimming competitively through high school and receiving my lifeguard certification.

I understood the importance of water safety at an early age. Babysitting for a family for several years, while in high school, I taught their children how to swim. When I had a daughter of my own, I taught her to swim. By the time my son arrived, my children were 6 1/2 years apart. We had just moved into a house on a lake which was of great concern. I immediately had all door locks changed to key-on-key. My biggest worry was that if my son escaped supervision, my daughter would feel that she was to blame should he reach the lake. I began to search for aquatic survival programs so that our family did not have the constant worry associated with the large body of water behind our house. I located a survival company that taught survival swimming skills, and once my son completed lessons, I became an instructor with this company.

I began teaching in West Volusia County in 1998 and have taught over 1500 children survival skills and stroke technique. Many of my students have joined local swim teams. In addition to teaching children, I also teach adults. In 2009, I left the organization I begin teaching with and became certified with Infant Aquatics.

I received my BS in Psychology in 2005 and participated in two internships at Easter Seals in Deland. Having worked with children and families with Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD, low muscle tone, speech delays and various other disabilities, I understand the importance of connecting with these families for support and advice.

I am very active within the community being a member of the Drowning Prevention Task Force, the NDPA and have participated in presentations to many various Mother's Groups, preschools and schools. My goal is to build an indoor aquatics facility so that I can teach lessons year round and to be able to provide lessons to underprivileged children within my community.
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